Cat Soubbotnik


« Her raw images occupy a space of perception still unemployed »

Cat Soubbotnik starts photography with Swedish photographer Hans Gedda, her husband.

Through photography, she discovers discipline, the figurative representation, a precise technique, a creation submitted to a fixed quota. When leaving Sweden and Hans, she chooses to follow the common paths of photography in order to show us how to perceive reality differently.
As an artist who did not follow conventions and a traditional career, Cat Soubbotnik captures the invisible, the abstract forms of our surroundings : the materiality, the essence of the world. Today, she has permanent residences in Switzerland, London, and Berlin where she exhibits regularly. Present in numerous private European collections and after all in Swiss and Swedish collections, she is represented in London and Paris.


My research – my sources of inspiration:

 I am fascinated by the materiality in photography, as there is no. How to deal with ? How to paint with ones camera ? The « smoothness » of the proof did not satisfy me any more. The raw materiality, disassembled, which changes from one condition to another

My inspiration, nourished by the work of painters like Kiefer, Bacon, Freud, G. Richter leaves its marks The collages of the artists of the 1920, Bellmer, Brancusi’s sculptures, the tenderness or the roughness of a stone. My works allow me to tell a story, to express even social critics, to work reality in an abstract way.



2014 dec. – 2015 jan. Soft spaces, project room Rue Sans Fraise, Paris, solo show
2014 sept Vincenza, the art box, group show
2014 june Palazzo Albrizzi, Venise, Pixels of identities, group show, biennale of architecture
2014 mars Galerie des Galeries, Nice, group show
2014 january Debut Contemporary, Notthinghill, solo show
2014 january Galerie des Galeries, Nice, group show
2013 September Cosy Season, Zurich, group show
2013 juillet Galerie des Galeries, Nice, group show
2013 mai Arles, FEPN
2012 november Mois de la Photo, Paris : Hybrides, gallery RSF
2012 august Thermes-Sextius, Aix en Provence, group exhibition
2012 march-june Dallan, Hainan, China, Group exhibition
2012 janvier gallery RSF, Paris, solo exhibition
2011 october Berliner Liste, Berlin, group exhibition
2011 march La Bellevilloise, Paris, group exhibition
2009 « And God created  Man » Book  and exhibition project, Publisher : Modernista, Stockholm, Sweden
2007 Group exhibition « Norbotten Salong » , Lulleo, Sweden
2006 Solo exhibition « Light paintings » at Maison Fusier, Ferney-Voltaire, France
2002 « Metamorphosis » at the National Library, Copenhagen, Danemark
2001 « Metamorphosis » at the Cultural Museum (Kulturhuset), Stockholm, Sweden